Name Change In Birth Certificate In Delhi 

In Delhi, Birth certificates are crucial documents that prove an individual’s existence. A birth certificate serves as a vital record of a person’s birth. A name change in birth certificate in Delhi is necessary if it contains an error or if you have changed your name.


Documents Required To Change Name On Birth Certificate In Delhi

In Delhi, the person desiring to change their name must attest to some essential documents, without which the process cannot be initiated.

The documents that would be required for the process of the name change on the birth certificate in Delhi are:-

  • A letter of declaration that informs the reason for changing the name and declaring that the information is true.
  • Passport size photograph
  • A digital copy of the newspaper advertisement that was published for the process of name change.
  • ID proof that can include a passport, Aadhaar card, voter ID, etc.
  • The controller of publication or the department of publication must provide a copy of the deed changing name form.

Reasons leading To A Need For Name Change In Birth Certificate In Delhi

Name changes on birth certificates can be necessary for a variety of reasons. If there is any valid reason, you can initiate the process of a name change by following and working according to the legal curriculum framed by the state where you reside.

Some of the reasons which can lead to a need for a name change on the birth certificate are given as follows:-

  • To avoid complication
  • Dissatisfaction with the old name
  • Astrological or Numerological reasons to change the name
  • Change of gender
  • Divorce
  • Marriage
  • Sophistication
  • Some political reasons
  • Changing name because of some religious reasons
  • Change in the surname
  • Change in identity

How To Apply For A Birth Certificate In Delhi?

To initiate the process of name change in the birth certificate, you need to follow some steps, which are described below:-

Step 1- As a first step, you need to obtain a registration form or birth certificate from the municipality’s registrar’s office where the child’s birth took place.

Step 2- Fill out the form with the required information and submit it within 21 days of the newborn. After this, it will require police verification.

Step 3- After the verification by the registrar is completed, you will be provided with the birth certificate of the child.

Step 4- The birth certificate will be sent to the address that was provided. The process of obtaining a birth certificate is straightforward.

Step 5- Registration of the child’s birth should be done under the Birth and Death Registration Act. It states that every birth that takes place has to be recorded and reported within 21 days of the child’s birth.

Step 6- There is an exception with this case: if the child is born abroad and the parents have come to India to settle, then the registration can be made within 60 days.


Steps To Change Name On Birth Certificate In Delhi

It is quite simple to change your name on your birth certificate in Delhi by following some simple steps.

First Step – You need to download a form to change your name on the birth certificate. The link through which you can download the form is given below:

Second Step: Get the birth certificate update/correction form from the office of the Municipal Corporation or the gram panchayat wherever you reside.

Affidavit submission

An affidavit is an essential document that helps an individual prove their identity.

For the preparation of the affidavit, you would need the help of a local notary officer who will assist you in the process of mentioning the old name and the current name and would also mention the reason for the name change. The affidavit should be made on non-judicial stamp paper.

Fill the form

After submitting the affidavit, you must complete the correction form online. After filling it out, submit it before a magistrate of the District Court. A judge’s original signature should be on the affidavit or certified copy.

Newspaper Advertisement

An individual has to advertise in the newspaper, one in Hindi and the other in English.

This advertisement acts as proof that the information is verified and trustworthy.

Gazette notification

After making an advertisement in the newspaper, you need to publish the notification of a name change in the Official Gazette of Delhi. You must visit the Government Press of Delhi to notify your name change.

There is a fee associated with the government press, which must be paid along with the form.

The state’s official gazette will publish your name change notification and a copy will be sent to your address.

Verification Process Of The Affidavit 

  • It is crucial to verify the affidavit. The notary carries out this verification.
  • The Municipal Corporation in Delhi might verify certain essential documents.

Who Can Apply For The Process Of Name Change In Birth Certificate In Delhi?

Before initiating the process of name change, you must ensure that you fit the criteria for applying for this process.

Following people can apply for the name change in their birth certificate in Delhi.

  • Wife
  • Husband
  • Child
  • Any family member

Agents are hired to assist in the name change process for the birth certificate.

Benefits Of Errorless Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is essential because it helps collect data on crucial statistics. These records are used to conduct the census.

The advantages of an errorless birth certificate are:-

  • A birth Certificate helps in the admission of the child to the school.
  • It acts as proof of age for employment or job
  • It is proof to establish parentage
  • It also acts as proof of age for marriage
  • For establishing the evidence for insurance purposes
  • For registration in the national population register, shortened as NPR.
  • It establishes the proof of age of a person to be eligible to enroll in the election roles.

Name Change Office Address

The central gazette office is located in North Delhi, and the official address is- Department of Publication, civil lines, Delhi-110054.

Fee And Charges Involved For Correction Of Name Change In Birth Certificate In Delhi

The fee involved in the process of acquiring an affidavit is nominal. It ranges between 20 Rs. to 100 Rs.

The fee and charges involved in changing the name on the birth certificate differ from one state to another. To know the fee structure of your state, you can go through the online state government or municipal portal.

  • Name change fee for minors-1700 Rs, 250 Rs. extra as per changes and corrections.
  • For significant employees- 1100 Rs, 250 Rs extra per change and correction made.
  • For government employees-1100 Rs, 250 Rs. extra per change and corrections. 


If you are living in Delhi and wondering about how to make changes to the birth certificate, then don’t worry because, in Delhi, the process is quite simple. Still, if you are unfamiliar with the process, you should take the help of the agents who will assist you and guide you throughout the process; they will also resolve your queries generated while changing your birth certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is the office of the gazette located in Delhi?

In North Delhi, the central gazette office is located at the address Department of Publication, civil lines, Delhi-110054.

What are the timings of the official gazette?

The working or office hours of the official gazette in India- Delhi are from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM and from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM on all working days.

Is newspaper publication and affidavit submission mandatory for name change in birth certificates in Delhi?

Yes, it is necessary to include both newspaper publications and affidavits for the name change process. The affidavit should be adequately prepared with the assistance of a notary officer. The publication in the newspaper should also be made that should include your new name, old name, the reason for the name change, and other essential details.

Is it legal to change your name in India?

Yes, it is legal to change the name in India.

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